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Examination System  

Scheme of assessment (2017-18 onwards)

To increase the confidence in the students to start preparing for class X board examination when they complete the upper primary stage in class VIII, the CBSE has decided to implement the uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue of report card for class VIII to X   on the similar pattern. The pattern of assessment from session 2017-18 will be as follows:-


Scholastic Area: The assessment structure in the scholastic area will comprise of two terms i.e Term –I and Term-II as summarized below:-


TERM-I (100 marks)

(1st  half of the session)

20 marks P.A + 80 marks(H.Y exam)

TERM-II (100 marks)

(2nd  half of the session)

20 marks P.A + 80 marks(YEARLY Exam)

Language -1












Social Science





Any other Subjects


PA 20 Marks

·         PeriodicTest10

Marks with syllabus covered

till announcement

of test dates by school.

·         Note Book(cw/hw)

submission 5 marks at term end.

·         Sub Enrichment 5 marks at term end.



Half Yearly Exam

·         Written

Exam for 80 marks with syllabus covered till announcement

of Half Yearly exam dates by school.

PA 20 Marks

·         PeriodicTest10

Marks with syllabus covered

till announcement

of  test dates by school.

·         Note Book (cw/hw) submission

5 marks at term end.

·         Sub Enrichment 5 marks at term end.



Yearly Exam

Written exam

for 80 marks with syllabus

coverage below:

Class VIII: 30% of 1st term covering

Significant topics+ entire syllabus of 2nd term

Class IX&X: Entire syllabus





 (A)Periodic Test:-

The periodic tests will be conducted of 30 marks:

i)                    Pre mid test -     30 marks (June last week to July 1st week)

ii)                  Mid test  –         30 marks (Nov last week to Dec 1st week)

iii)                Post mid test  -  30 marks (Jan last week to Feb 1st week)

The test marks will be reduced to 10 and best  two of the three tests marks will be added to the Term assessment-II.

(B)    Note Book will be checked (Both C.W & H.W) periodically and for C.W   (3marks),

         H.W (2 marks) will be awarded to the students at the end of term I & II separately.

   C.W = 3 +  H.W =2 i.e. Total =5

(C)  There will be at least  2 sub enrichment activities in each subject per term of 10 marks each

        which will be reduced to 5 marks and added to the term assessments.


         HALF YEARLY EXAM  :            SEP – OCT (TENTATIVE DATES)   

ANNUAL EXAM              :            FEB-MARCH (TENTATIVE DATES)


 Sub Enrichment Activities:-

Languages : Activities for enhancing listening & speaking skills.(Hindi/Bng/Skt./Eng.) e.g.-debate,speech,extempore,spelling test e.t.c

Maths:-        Activities as per the syllabus & guideline of CBSE  e.g.- simple model based on geometrical shape, graph work, analysis of statistical data e.t.c

Science:-     Practical Work / activities as per syllabus and guidelines of CBSE.e.g. project work, simple experiments,simple science model e.t.c

S.St   :-      Map or the project work as per the syllabus and guidelines of CBSE  e.g.- quiz, to locate of important/ historical places  on map, survey , group discussion e.t.c


In Scholastic Assessment both marks and grade will be awarded in the Report Card.


 Grading Scale(VIII to X)

Marks Range                                      Grade

91-100                            -                     A1                            

81-90                              -                     A2          

71-80                              -                     B1

61-70                              -                     B2

51-60                              -                     C1

41-50                              -                     C2

33- 40                             -                      D

32& Below                     -                     E (FAIL)


Co-scholastic Assessment:-

Assessment in Co-scholastic Area will be done on5 point grading Scale in the following areas.

ü      Work Education

ü      Art Education

ü      Health & Physical Education

ü      Discipline


Grades:-   A –Grade Point  5

                 B -                      4

                 C -                      3

                 D-                       2

                 E-                       1